Where Is The Love?

COA's debut album will occupy Trance scene newly!

COA is a singer-songwriter, DJ, producer and multi-player full of passion in trance music. COA releases [Where Is The Love?] as her first debut album that mixes a solid beat, synth and an element of drop with Strong sound and Addictive producing.

COA shows its own unique grandness and spectacular beat. Let's look forward to her single album [Where Is The Love?]! A Future-oriented and High-quality feast of trance music! Futuristic electronic sound will make you come to the climax of sound! She starts something new anyone has not experienced so far!

It has charms of classic and modern trance at the same time and gives a thrill to you, 'Where Is The Love?'

Root for the next move of COA!

Where is the love ... and my world?

Where is the love? Shall such a world even exist I wish? Restricted world, rigid world, cold world, impoverished world…. Endless desire!

Maybe love changes too easily and is moody, so it does not have survivability of 'real love', which is rather more valuable and sorrowful. I will continue to look for true love again today even I don't know when. – COA

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